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Buy Print on canvas - Harry Weisburd - Man In Hawaian Shirt With Model

"Harry. Weisburd. Listed. On. Who's. Who in. America, 2016, 15, 14,13 Listed. Lifetime. Achievement Award. 2017 Appointed. Chairperson. California. College. Of The. Arts, Half. Century. Alumni Club , Class. Of 1965. Invited. Guest. Speaker. , Oakland. Campus. Topic: How. To Survive. As. An. Active. Artist. 50. Years. After. Graduation, October, 2017"

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Buy Print on canvas - Harry Weisburd - Man In Hawaian Shirt With Model

Harry Weisburd - Man In Hawaian Shirt With Model
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ArtsCad Giclee/Print on canvas

We offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on al our photo to Art custom hand made painting ArtsCad.com use only the most modern and efficient printing technology on our canvases, based on the Giclée printing procedure. This innovative high resolution printing technique results in durable and spectacular looking prints of the highest quality. ArtsCad.com only uses the highest quality inks, with extreme UV resistance. Your artwork will hold its beautiful colors for up to 75 years!

Average delivery time is one week based on location. We use the following carriers and will send you the tracking code after your painting has been shipped : DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc.. If you are not 100% satisfied we will refund 100% of your order.

Giclee/Print on canvas

   34 "   
  Harry Weisburd - Man In Hawaian Shirt With Model  
22 " 

Unframed Giclee/Print - Rolled in a tube
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Average delivery time is one week based on your location. We ship by DHL and we sent you the tracking code.

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  • Giclee/Print on canvas
  • Print-on-Canvas ArtsCad [{SRVV-BHN76Z}]
  • Dim(34 x 22 inches (86 x 56 cm))
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  • Harry Weisburd-Man In Hawaian Shirt With...
  • Standard/Slow - 28 Days - Free
  • Copyright fees - Harry Weisburd [16USD]

81 USD
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