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Malgorzata Drozdz Art Gallery - Malgorzata Drozdz Artworks

Malgorzata Drozdz Art Gallery - Malgorzata Drozdz Artworks

"Born in Poland, graduate of the University of Lodz, now living in Australia. Since the earliest days inspired by nature and local folk culture. Exhibited her works in Poland and Canada. Majority of the current paintings are based on the Australian Aboriginal Dream Time and European Heritage motives, with special emphasis on impact and interrelation"

 Malgorzata Drozdz
Artist's Biography and the description of paintings
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Born in Poland, graduate of the University of Lodz, now living in Australia. Since the earliest days inspired by nature and local folk culture.

Exhibited her works in Poland and Canada.

Majority of the current paintings are based on the Australian Aboriginal Dream Time and European Heritage motives, with special emphasis on impact and interrelation between them.

One Nation, one culture, through the mutual impact and influence between each other. Website: www.mdrozdz.com


[Biography - Malgorzata Drozdz - 2Ko]

Malgorzata Drozdz's Guestbook

Point taken
Crystel, Maggie, point taken, you are quite right, I withdraw. Maggie, please ignore my earlier statement and carry on. However, this forum is not a good place for the academic dispute; let’s settle it over coffee and wine, or whiskey for that matter, some other time and place. Cheers to both of you, LL
(LL, 18 July 2017)
My assessment
Hello Malgorzata, Disagreed, Lesley is wrong. Lesley, you stated yourself that you admired the wide variety of Malgorzata’s art. This is right to the point, while now you contradict your earlier opinions. No matter what you like or dislike, the variety is here, and it all composes very well. There is no a single painting in your collection, which I.../...
(Crystel Pinçonnat, 18 July 2017)
A word of advice
Hello Maggie I had not been commenting on your workshop for quite a while. Yet, I just wanted to see which way you’d go since my past remarks. Mind you, any which way is good, and I can only pass my subjective thoughts. I noticed you moved more into semi realism after your masterpiece of this Airmail stuff, except for “Too many faces”. The last on.../...
(LL, 18 July 2017)
The Tower
Hi Maggie, no foggiest idea. I take you assume I should know this, but I don´t. Some very high-tech landing and launching pad for the brooms at this Polish Hogwarts of yours? Close enogh? However, you should really visit my Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh. I´m sure you´ll like it. What am I saying, you´ll love it, it is my mind, heart, body .../...
(Ll, 1 August 2016)
Hi Lesley
Hi Lesley, I love Woody Allen and time travel concept, therefore probably my last two works, especially “Midnight, Time and Space” have been inspired by him – “Midnight in Paris”, Magic in the Moonlight” and few others. How did you guess that? Incidentally, I have one question to you: do you know what is the meaning of the “white tower” at this pai.../...
(Malgorzata Drozdz, 31 July 2016)
Hi Crystel
Hi, Crystel. Many thanks indeed for your comments, and for your interest in my works. To answer your question: no, I’m not a pilot, but my husband is. To keep the balance in the family, I established the anti-aero club , focusing on promoting the AA artillery (just joking). I have my license for a broom though, but it is valid for Saturday Midnight.../...
(Malgorzata Drozdz, 31 July 2016)
Hi Maggie, I absolutely agree with Crystel. This is GRAND. As otherwise I could only repeat what she already wrote, no point in so doing. A general remark, judging by some of your creations: wouldn’t you be by any chance under the influence of Woody Allen movies and his concept of sliding in time? If so, I adore this !!! My best, LL
(LL, 28 July 2016)
Hello Malgorzata. Well done really, the Aéroposatle painting. I keep looking at it and try to place it into a right category, and this is really difficult. I’d say it has the prevailing elements of neorealism and impressionism. What strikes right away is that you, the artist, are completely blended with the painting, you are truly within it, you fe.../...
(Crystel Pinçonnat, 28 July 2016)
Hello Crystel
Hello Crystel Many thanks for your kind appreciation of my works collection, and your comments. And, Lesley, thank you very much indeed for recommending me to your colleagues in the academic arts environment. The most important issue is to be talked about within the right environment, good or bad - doesn't matter. At least I am getting to be known.../...
(Malgorzata Drozdz, 6 July 2016)
Well done
Hello Malgorzata, interesting combination of works and well balanced techniques. Well done, I agree with my colleague LL. Being French, I admire applying the French motives in your art (Scottish will not even notice them). Good luck and the best wishes. Crystel Pinçonnat, Université d'Aix-Marseille, Université Paris Diderot
(Crystel Pinçonnat, 3 July 2016)
"A Sharp Cookie" - Reply
Hi Lesley, thanks a lot for your comments and opinion. Straight to the point, very objective, no messing around. Yet, they help me a lot to get an independent and professional view on what I’m doing. To answer your question, I didn’t study at Hogwarts, but you are close enough. It was “The Bold Mountain Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry”, the Poli.../...
(Malgorzata Drozdz, 26 June 2016)
A sharp cookie
Hello Maggie (am I right about your name?). Another pearl to your collection. You must have been studying impressionism and cubism lately I see, with a mixture of symbolism, and “who knows what else”, witchcraft most likely. Could you tell me just one, tiny little secret of yours? How do you manage jumping chaotically like this between so many, so.../...
(LL, 12 June 2016)
Хорошие работы
Хорошие работы... мне понравилось "Красота Molvania"... может потому, что напомнило мне детство, проведенное в местах, где были и горы и степи и реки...
(Валентин, 16 March 2016)
各种风格和技巧的高级组合以及和谐的色彩与尺寸, 可喜可贺
(婧婧, 3 March 2016)
私はあなたの様々な組み合わせ(スタイル、テクニック、色など)に感銘を受けています。 目の喜びを!
(こんせいえん, 3 March 2016)
krásné umění
Milá Margaret,Vaše obrazy jsou moc krásné a zajímavé.Je radost se na ně dívat,přeji Vám,aby jste namalovala ještě mnoho dalších.Zuzana.
(Zuzana Pobehova, 20 February 2016)
Quote from Facebook: We are very pleased to read that the partnership between Tissot and the Tour de France inspired this beautiful painting. For us it is an honor to be considered a source of inspiration. We would like to express our gratitude and wish you the best for the future. Best regards, Tissot SA
(Malgorzata Drozdz, 17 February 2016)
Hi Lesley
Hi Lesley, you have made my day as well :) Thank you so much for your interest in my art, and for such a constructive criticism. I really appreciate that, and always will. Greetings, Malgorzata
(Malgorzata Drozdz, 14 February 2016)
'A Clockwork Orange' to me. Very dynamical picture; looks like the crowd of heads (judging by the title, I take it is a bicycle race) running through the overpriced clock ;) Worth the price though. I mean the painting, not the clock :)
(LL, 13 February 2016)
What the ...
Malgorzata, you have made my day ;) Such an erratic mixture of styles and techniques, and, surprisingly, leading to the good result. Cannot understand that, it should not, yet it does. But, whatever you are doing, just carry on, don't loose your head ..... Your touch for colour is almost perfect though, the only thing I can really understand. Good .../...
(LL, 13 February 2016)
Such a cute turtle
Such a cute turtle. You have done exceptional work.
(Margo, 29 January 2016)
Absolutely stunning. A unique gamble, I would dare to say, of variety of techniques, colours and themes. Interesting indeed. Congratulations, and wishes for further development. Kind regards, LL
(LL, 27 January 2016)
Très beau
Très Très beau, votre palette de couleur ainsi que votre travail sont superbes. WOW encore. C´est différent des autres artistes, vraiment vous êtes talentueux.
(Marie, 27 January 2016)
Przy tych obrazach spokojnie można żyć bez telewizora. Chciałoby się na nie patrzeć godzinami. 😊
(Dominika, 21 January 2016)