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Helen Costo Art Gallery - Helen Costo Artworks

Helen Costo Art Gallery - Helen Costo Artworks

"1998 Blue Ribbon (1st prize) , National Fair , Springfield, Illinois, USA. 1999 First Prize (1st prize), Hit the Streets , an art exhibition in Champaign, Illinois, USA. 2000 Two Blue Ribbons (1st prizes) , The Pier , Chicago, Illinois, USA. 2001 Participant, International Digital Festival , Rimini, Italy. Chosen for diffusion of an image on freque"

June 23rd, 2017 | FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

Digital Arts Pioneer Helen Costo was selected by Luba Rascheff Consultancy (LRC) as their featured artist.

LRC chose Costo on account of her unique style and color combinations.

Helen Costo is featured on LRC here: lubarascheffconsultancy.com.

Comments from the public:

“A riot of colors.”

“An exquisite artist. Bravo.”

“I want to understand how she does it, but can’t.”

“Your art touched my soul. It brought back a flood of memories.”

“I bought “Crystal” and hung it up over my fireplace.”

“Refreshingly naïve.”

Irina Simeonova, Assistant Professor, Parsons: Fashion, Art and Design School, New York: “Your colors remind me of Chagal. What you create comes from the soul. Also, your art reminds me of the well-known Austrian-born painter, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, because it is romantic, honest and pure.”

Susan Herrel, The News-Gazette: “The small pictures are dreamlike, moody, surreal, full of movement and interesting textures and shapes.”

In the artist’s own words:

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with more primitive communications media: markers, pencils and crayons. Quite frankly, I surprised myself! My inspiration came from the new craze, adult coloring books, and I decided to pour out my heart on paper.

At first, it was scary because I have no art training. My elementary school teacher told me that I would be a failure in art and that I shouldn’t even bother trying.

After many years, I did, though. First with digital art and now with markers, pencils and crayons!

When I feel ready, I will share my new creations with you.

Helen Costo

[Announcement - Helen Costo - 12Ko - 2017]

1998  Blue Ribbon (1st prize), National Fair, Springfield, Illinois, USA.
1999  First Prize (1st prize), Hit the Streets, an art exhibition in Champaign, Illinois, USA.
2000  Two Blue Ribbons (1st prizes), The Pier, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
2001  Participant, International Digital Festival, Rimini, Italy. Chosen for diffusion of an image on frequently-visited Internet websites.
2002  Pages for All Ages, a publication company, bought the exclusive rights to twelve (12) of Costo's creations.
2004  One Woman Show, Vergottis Foundation, Cephalonia, Greece.
2007  Virtual Gallery, ArtsCad.
2008  One Woman Show, Pazardjik, Bulgaria.
2009  One Woman Show, Sofia, Bulgaria. 
[Biography - Helen Costo - 2Ko]

Helen Costo's Guestbook

lovely, i like your artworks dear, very beautiful!
(Helen, 29 May 2017)
Great art
You are a GREAT artist. I just LOVE your art!--Luba
(Luba, 7 March 2013)
a humble opinion
How refreshing to at last see ORIGINAL digital creations and not scanned and "borrowed" artwork. Great variety and superb colors.
(Yulii, 26 May 2006)