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Janez Štros Art Gallery - Janez Štros Artworks

Janez Štros Art Gallery - Janez Štros Artworks

"About the painter - JANEZ &Scaron TROS It has been fourteen years since Janez &Scaron tros set out from a bitter reality of his life on a creative journey which took him to cosmic vastness. Between worldliness and hereafter a white space of canvas emerged, a deliverance through which he could re-establish communication with Her - his most beloved w"

Janez Štros
Janez Štros
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Coronae Australis


Glowing sky

Bourning soul

Light for all

Mother's soul

Saharan flower

good and evil

jump the unknown

Blue Angel


About the painter – JANEZ ŠTROS

It has been fourteen years since Janez Štros set out from a bitter reality of his life on a creative journey which took him to cosmic vastness. Between worldliness and hereafter a white space of canvas emerged, a deliverance through which he could re-establish communication with Her – his most beloved who was torn away from him by cruel fate. The colours disclosed an opportunity to reminisce, to take notes on exciting adventures, to reveal his feelings, moods, and pains. His response to the tragic life experience turned into a subliminal fine art image, a painting of expressive colour abstraction like an open book addressing a beholder and reasoning the author’s personal intimate world.

The hand follows the internal truth, the painter feels as if he was its media, its herald being called to reveal it in a visually explicit manner. The paint graphics burst out of him with no restraints, no censorship. The scenes arise spontaneously, symbolizing the author’s subconscious liberation of his internal comprehension, his intimate sensations, his conditions, memories, and findings. By doing so, the painter actualizes the approach reinforced by Breton’s manifest and theory of subconsciousness.

The picture organisms are multi-layered, inseparably interlaced with the painter’s action and entirely spontaneous reaction between the painting’s carrier and fine art expressions realized through adding and removing colourful substance, through veiling and unveiling of “the story”. Diverse in character, invariably uncensored, primordial, eruptively expressed strokes bring colourful grandeur starting in near monochromatism and ascending irrepressibly toward lush rainbowiness. The painter pursues his personal frames of mind and intimate states of soul and spirit by using a colour range. For the colour, similarly to the sound in music, finds a direct avenue to the soul, as stated by Wassily Kandinsky.

The coatings string side by side overlaying and communicating reciprocally, synthesizing and vanishing. This is how unique and softly remarkable alloys of colours and endlessly diverse traces originate. Abundant coatings of paint conjure up thickness and gently awakened texture of a painting. The state on the surface depends on stretching of the colour membranes of lower levels which are partly but decisively breaking through onto the exterior or alternatively subtly radiate all the way through it and play a vital part in marking its colouristic occurrences bringing up a dimension of illusionistic deepness.

The paintings present compositionally unconfined, open and dynamic foregrounds. These are undefined, autonomous, fine arts organisms, works of art charged with multifariously creative possibilities, live and pulsating. The existent images are born from an inner urge and overwhelmed by the author’s personal vim. In abundance of colours, lines and shapes on the illusory level segments, alluding concrete reality, still rise.

Through painting, Janez Štros withdraws into his own world, closer to his dearest being. He paints from himself for himself. His oeuvres turn into means of announcing and communicating between here and there. They have always had a distinctively intimate character. They were warmly sheltered within his home and he had never thought of putting them on display. However, when he first shared his fine art expressions with the audience four years ago, they were welcomed with fervency and soon after they aroused interest in international fine art circles. Janez Štros witnessed what the majority of Slovenian artists can only dream about. He was invited to exhibit in different galleries in Vienna and elsewhere in Austria, in London, twice in Brussels, as well as in Tivat, Rotterdam, Rome, Taormina in Sicily, Monaco, and Montreux in Switzerland. Last year he was invited to Louvre, Paris twice. Invitations keep pouring in not only from Europe but also from the United States. In a short period of time, he won several important awards and prizes. The Marco Polo Award, received in Venice, in addition to the Picasso Award, received in Louvre, are among the most outstanding ones. His fine art stories still remain his own, artistically recognizable and unequalled. Their mystic contents and enigmatic techniques engage gazes and occupy thoughts of the wider public.

Painting has enlightened the path of life of Janez Štros. It helped him to find a new meaning. He also wishes to help others with his paintings, so he often gives them away for humanitarian purposes.



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