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Allan Linder Art Gallery - Allan Linder Artworks

Allan Linder Art Gallery - Allan Linder Artworks

"Exhibitions and Awards 2011 - Benefit Aces and Angels Salute to the Troops, Belasco Theatre,Los Angeles,CA. 2011 - Benefit for CARE, Move 2011, Avenue Lounge, New York, NY 2011 - Solo Exhibit, Architectural Digest Home Design Show,New York,NY 2011 - Group Exhibition, “Black History”ASAArtGallery,New York,NY 2010 - Charity Auction, “You Are Here” Gu"

Press Release


December 1, 2007

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"Allan Linder 20th century and beyond” coffee table art book published by Eloquent Press

New York, NY, December 1, 2007: Eloquent Press is pleased to announce that it has published a new art book on the life work of celebrated international artist Allan Linder.

Allan Linder began drawing and painting from age five, and unlike you and me he never stopped. This beautiful full color art book is co-written by author Todd Gunzelman in association with Eloquent Press. Todd C. Gunzelman is a contemporary American author, inventor and outdoorsman born in Southern California. He is best known for his functional inventions that accomplish simple repetitive tasks. He began his hand at writing at an early age, with several short stories, poetry and eventually his love for the outdoors. But he remained unpublished until now. Allan Linder has lived a fascinating nomadic childhood which led him from coast to coast several times. Eventually he stayed in New York City where he resides in his adulthood. “Allan Linder 20th century and beyond” covers the artists life on the road, his work as a DJ and storyboard artist in Hollywood, to his artist-run gallery in NYC.

This 180 page book is filled with images of the artist, and his paintings and drawings from 1976 to present. Linder’s gritty and vivid paintings of New York City invite you to visit, while his bold and colorful abstracts draw you into his dreams. If you are lucky enough to own one of his paintings, then you already know. Now it's time to know more about him.

Allan Linder 20th century and beyond is available for purchase on Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/Allan-Linder-20th-century-beyond/dp/0557079985 



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May 31, 2007


Allan Linder Exhibits new paintings at the Hoorn-Ashby Gallery in New York City


New York, NY, May 31, 2007:  Allan Linder exhibits new paintings at the Hoorn-Ashby Gallery located at 700 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10021. The title of the exhibition is “Summer in the City” featuring only scenes of New York City.




An excerpt from a critique of the painting titled “Downtown Blue” featured in the exhibition.




What is most evident is the treatment of the light from the sky, from the water, from the streetlights, from the reflected buildings. Light is the protagonist in this work, almost above the subject matter. The triangles you use to divide the canvas are brilliant compositional devices. The slightly higher vantage point into the painting places the viewer as an observer of the scene and not a participant. The dark umber under the fence serves as a strong, firm foundation and grounding device. The eye is led into and around the painting discovering the details that are nicely modeled where they need to be and left a bit vague where they are not necessary. All the elements in the painting, including the deep, rich, saturated color reinforce and enhance the appreciation of the spectacle you present.
In "Downtown Blue" the sensations are transmitted. Similar to the sensations generated by the French Impressionists, with a slightly Pop sensibility thrown in. You have an eye for composition and the balance of forces within the painting. This painting, more than the others, is witness to that. Keep up the courage.








David Genovesi director ARTROM Gallery Rome Italy




For a preview of the show click here: http://www.hoornashby.com/indiv.asp?ID=30



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Press Release:




Allan Linder will be exhibiting original pieces of mail-art at The Arts Council of Greater New Haven, CT Art Gallery; In an International group exhibition titled Wishing You Were Here. The exhibition runs from May 9, 2007 – June 27, 2007. A reception for the artists will be held on Saturday, June 9 from 5-8 PM held in conjunction with the International Festival of Art. All proceeds go to Save The Children Foundation.


Arts Council of Greater New Haven
70 Audubon Street 2nd floor
New Haven, CT 06510 USA




For more info and questions contact Debbie or Jose at 203.772.2788 or dhesse.ac@cshore.com



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 The Notable American Artist Allan Linder recently exhibited paintings from his New York Collection at the Architectural digest Home Design Show in New York City. Allan Linder has strived for nearly three decades to hone and perfect his style and skill. His most recent paintings depict scenes of New York in various seasons. The subject matter ranges from moments of peaceful silence in a burgeoning and populated locale, to busy street scenes in the heart of Time Square. No matter what season the artist paints, his use of color and texture will certainly make you smile. He captures New York City in all of its unique and energetic essence. His work can be seen online, or in several Galleries in New York City.
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 Allan Linder 20th century and beyond
Allan Linder 20th century and beyond Press Release
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 Analysis and Critique by David Genovesi
Analysis and Critique by David Genovesi director of the ARTROM Gallery Rome Italy
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 Exhibitions from 1986 to present
This is a list of previous exhibitions from 1986 to present
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Exhibitions and Awards

2011 - Benefit Aces and Angels Salute to the Troops, Belasco Theatre,Los Angeles,CA.

2011 - Benefit for CARE, Move 2011, Avenue Lounge, New York, NY

2011 - Solo Exhibit, Architectural Digest Home Design Show,New York,NY

2011 - Group Exhibition, “Black History”ASAArtGallery,New York,NY

2010 - Charity Auction, “You Are Here” Gulf oil disaster benefit, The Urban  Conservancy, The Icehouse, New Orleans, LA

2010 - Group Exhibition, “Contemporary Impressionism” Alternative Gallery,Brooklyn,           NY

2010 - Group Exhibition, “Anything Goes” The Courtyard Gallery,Asheville,NC

2009 - Solo Exhibition, “Seems Like Old Times” Cantina,Brooklyn,NY

2008 - Charity Auction, TheSantiSchoolinNepal, L.O.F. Gallery,Baltimore,MD

2008 - Group Exhibit, “ANONYME ZEICHNER N°9” Kunstraum, Kreuzberg /   Bethanien,Berlin,Germany

2008 - Solo Exhibit, “The Joy of Spring” Architectural Gallery,New York,NY

2008 - Solo Exhibit, “Winter Kills” Loft 158,New York,NY

2007 - Group Exhibit, “La Moustache” Boa Taverne Moderne,MontrealCanada

2007 - Group Exhibit and Benefit for Save the Children Foundation, “Wishing you were            here” Arts Council Greater New Haven, CT

2007 - Two person Exhibit, “Summer in the City”Hoorn-Ashby Gallery,NY, NY

2007 - Solo Exhibit, Architectural Digest Home Design Show,New York,NY

2007 - Solo Exhibit, “Home Sweet Home” The Showroom,New York,NY

2006 - Group Exhibit, JHL Presents “Time is Money”Greenwich Village,NY

2005 - Benefit for victims of Hurricane Katrina, Beverly Hills Friars Club, B.H., CA

2005 - Group Exhibit, “East Coast Artist Benefit” The Performing Garage,Soho,NY

2004 - Three person Exhibit, “Shut up and Paint” The Aurora Gallery;Chelsea,NY

2004 - Group Exhibit, “History In The Making” TheAuroraGallery; Chelsea, NY

2004 - Group Exhibit, “Crossing the Bridge” Axelle Fine Arts Galerie;Brooklyn,NY

2003 - Group Exhibit, “Aids Benefit” The Artists’ Gallery,Soho,NY

2003 - Group Exhibit, “9/11 Memorial Exhibit” The Artists’ Gallery,Chelsea,NY

2003 - Group Exhibit, “Surrealism Unbound” The Artists’ Gallery,Chelsea,NY

2003 - Group Exhibit, “Pop Music and Art” The Artists’ Gallery,Chelsea,NY

2003 - Group Exhibit, “Spring Retrospective” Ward-Nasse Gallery,Soho,NY

2003 - Group Exhibit, “Neutral Current” The Artists’ Gallery,Chelsea,NY

2003 - Solo Exhibit, “Transitions” TheStudioMuseumBldg.,Harlem,NY

2003 - Group Exhibit, “The Art Party” Show Night Club,New York,NY

2003 - Group Exhibit, “A New Beginning” The Artists’ Gallery,Chelsea,NY

2003 - Group Exhibit, “Plugged In” 35Main StreetGallery,Sussex, NJ

2003 - Solo Exhibit, “Higher Elevation” Hiroko’s Place,Soho,NY

2003 - Group Exhibit, “Art as Therapy” The Artists’ Gallery,Chelsea,NY

2003 - Group Exhibit, “Future History” The Artists’ Gallery,Chelsea,NY

2003 - Group Exhibit, “The Mind of an Artist” The Artists’ Gallery,Chelsea,NY

2003 - Solo Exhibit, “I want you to be where you want to be”Java&Jazz,NY, NY

2002 - Group Exhibit, “Transitions” The Artists’ Gallery,Chelsea,NY

2002 - Group Exhibit, “Lost in the city” Ward-Nasse Gallery,Soho,NY

2002 - Group Exhibit, “Key hole of time” Galerie X,Hamburg,Germany

2002 - Solo Exhibit, “Moods” Rain Lounge,Williamsburg-Brooklyn,NY

2002 - Group Exhibit, “Seasons” GalleryMaliVillas Boas,Sao Paulo,Brazil

2002 - Group Exhibit, “Unity Canvas”WilliamsburgArt & Hist. Ctr.,Brooklyn,NY

2002 - Group Exhibit, “9/11 Artists Response” Fulton Street Gallery,Troy,NY

2002 - Group Exhibit, “Blue Print of life” Ward-Nasse Gallery,Soho,NY

2001 - Group Exhibit, “Primitive” Ward-Nasse Gallery,Soho,NY

1999 - Solo Exhibit, “Retrospective” Hollywood Warehouse Gallery,Hollywood,CA

1997 - Solo Exhibit, “Secrets” Creative Intelligence Agency Gallery,Burbank,CA

1995 - Solo Exhibit, “Thoughts and Dreams” Private Noho Gallery,Hollywood,CA

1993 - Group Exhibit, “Black and White” Installations One Gallery,Encino,CA

1992 - Solo Exhibit, “Inner Space/Outer Space” The Balboa Bldg.,Northridge,CA

1990 - Group Exhibit, “Democracy"SouthBayContemporaryMuseumof Art,  CA

1990 - Group Exhibit, “Words and Images” Installations One Gallery,Encino,CA

1989 - Solo Exhibit, “Los AngelesInternational Exposition”Los Angeles,CA

1988 - Group Exhibit, “Portraits” Installations One Gallery,Encino,CA

1986 - Group Exhibit, “The Pencil and its Potential” Install One Gallery,Encino,CA

1984 - Solo Exhibit, “Fantasy” The New Gallery,Los Angeles,CA


== Awards ==


2002 - Award, “Peoples Choice” ABC,Sydney,Australia

1984 - Award, “United StatesAchievementAcademyNational Art Award”, CA

1984 - Award, “Bank of America Award for Achievement” Los Angeles, CA
[Biography - Allan Linder - 7Ko]

Allan Linder was born in 1966, the great grandson of Italian Immigrants. His father deserted his family when Linder was only eight years of age, leaving Linder and his three siblings to be raised in a nomadic lifestyle that prominently plays a role in his body of work.A versatile artist from early childhood, Linder instinctively knew how to draw filling endless sketchbooks with his imagination. At the age of fifteen he was nationally acknowledged placing him in the top ten percent of art students in America. Linder went on to receive the Bank of America award for achievement in art and was given a financial scholarship. In 1984 he exhibited his already substantial body of work in his first gallery showing, exhibits of which now spread from Los Angeles to New York City.

Allan Linder is currently exhibiting in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Hamburg, Germany; Paris, France and New York City. He also has a permanent collection on display in Los Angeles, California. He continues to work with a fever of enthusiasm and unceasing passion, challenging the viewer’s intellect as well as embracing the soul.

Allan Linder works within the precincts of acrylic on canvas, in the mien of such inspirations as Gustave Doré and Salvador Dali, to create a sizeable collection of surrealist reflections of an urban environment.  With a memory of a city’s movement and its stillness (people and objects), Linder captures the incessant and unyielding nexus of an, at times, overwhelming locale. His anonymous subjects pass with hidden faces, nameless strangers, one after another.

“By observation I examine the form and the shape of how things are made, and then I return to my studio with a renewed vigor. I pour over my canvas for hours and days and it seems like minutes and seconds.”

Linder’s inquiry through art has been a life long effort, having won a ‘Bank of America’ artistic scholarship at the age of eighteen and continuing on to exhibit up and down the coast of California, where he originally began his career.  As in Center of it All in what seems an open lens look at a non-stop Times Square, memory merges with reality to posit an inexhaustible view of an insomniac metropolis. Linder reflects,

“When my paintbrush flows my life has rhythm and everything has its tides. I enjoy exploring life’s little paradoxes through my artwork. After all one can never stop learning.”

~ Briget Brier  
[Biography - Allan Linder - 4Ko]