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Artwork >> Yosef Reznikov >> Dynamics of color #2

Artwork >> Yosef Reznikov >> Dynamics of color  #2

"Dynamics of color #2"
Yosef Reznikov
mixed media on canvas - 31 Inches x 31 Inches
Abstraction - Abstractions are different.
To talk about a picture, we must first decide what we see on it. And here for the critic and for any person considering abstract painting, the first difficulty arises: we cannot say what is depicted in the picture, everything is too abstract. It's good if in the intricacies of lines and shapes you can see the outlines of an object, or a figure, or at least a hint of something specific. But the true abstraction lies precisely in the fact that it was impossible to find a specific object from which the artist abstracted himself. There are pictures with elements of abstraction, there are partially or half abstract, there are objective-abstract ones, when an image of some creature suddenly appears from the totality of spots and geometric shapes, and there are completely abstract paintings in which there is nothing similar to reality.
In light of the above, try to formulate your feelings from the presented picture. This will not be easy to do. But interesting. The possibilities for imagination are unlimited.
-Dynamics of colors #2-oil on canvas 80x80cm.

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