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Artwork >> Allan Linder >> Awakening

Artwork >> Allan Linder >> Awakening

Allan Linder
Pen and ink. white charcoal on hand painted paper. digitally painted. NFT - 9 Inches x 11 Inches
NONAGON: Nine sides of life, nine sides of our past, present and future meet in the world’s first Crypto Noir art series and story ever.
Linder’s latest artwork is digital meets handmade. Starting with hand painted paper, he draws in pen and ink, and white charcoal. Each piece is scanned at a stunning 8k resolution and then 20 to 50 digital layers are added. The digital layers are printed on transparency and re-applied to the handmade drawing.
It is a one of a kind series inspired by film noir and pulp fiction novels that explores the mystery of number 9, with 27 mixed media artworks that tell the first Crypto-Noir story ever. Nonagon will be released as 9 pages of artwork in three separate NFT drops.
The original handmade artwork be auctioned soon.
The digital artwork will be available to purchase as an NFT soon.
In addition to that, there is a collected graphic novel in the works that will be released later this year with the complete story of Nonagon.

4000 US$

Print 200 US$

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Artworks Styles : Digital - Figurative - Realism
Artworks Topics : Cities - Figurative - Mystery - Realism - Urban
Artworks Media : Acrylic - Painting On Canvas - Paper