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Artwork >> Yosef Reznikov >> composition-- Dreams-

Artwork >> Yosef Reznikov >> composition--    Dreams-

"composition-- Dreams-"
Yosef Reznikov
mixed media on canvas - 28 Inches x 35 Inches
Abstract painting in the interior
Abstract art can be considered the beginning of modern energy painting. Abstraction does not carry a specific meaning - it is sensations, emotions, and feelings. Such painting, unlike realism, affects the emotional and energetic state of a person instantly. When you look at an abstract picture, the human brain has nothing to cling to. There are no houses, trees, a river or people in the picture. You look - and nothing is clear! You just like the color combination or composition. Pictures carry their energy and influence the general condition of a person, his health and mood. An artist with this knowledge is able to heal with his creativity, give people joy, make the best changes in human life.
The artist conveys a certain state with the help of paints, and on the canvas we see, at first glance, combinations of colors. And the first look will be the most true - remember your first emotion from viewing the picture! Your picture will seem to reach out to you, you will want to look at it and look at it.
-- composition-- Dreams-- mixed media on canvas 70x90cm.

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