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Artwork >> Emanuele Cardone >> NARKISSOS ( Daffodil )

Artwork >> Emanuele Cardone >> NARKISSOS ( Daffodil )

"NARKISSOS ( Daffodil )"
Emanuele Cardone
Graphite / Charcoal / Charter - 20 Inches x 19 Inches
"Uno mirror light that welcomes unconscious desires and there turns in shining gems of pleasure that reels slowly in the eternal sea of a deep solitude and hidden at in which out our be exhausted from running incessant of living , stops and tries rest and intrinsic meaning to one's own need to identity . And then halt to understand what c’è beyond by un’immagine that themselves reaches out all’infinito to look for something to hold on to for not make everything flow into the magma the glowing of a reality that seems unattainable "

2300 US$

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Artworks Styles : Hyperrealism
Artworks Topics : Mythology
Artworks Media : Graphite - Oilpainting
Artworks added the : Added April 5 2020