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Aimé Venel artist is not linked with Scientology

WARNING inadequate references on internet Aimé Venel
September 24 2012

Aimé Venel and Method Aimé Venel international Drawing/Painting course are not linked with Scientology.
Going back to 1984 still on internet my affiliation with Scientology appears , which is not , here is the truth that I re-etablish with this publication :
My name appears on internet in a certain number of search engines such Google , Narkive , ...referring sites and blogs , in connection with an inadequate affiliation  with Scientology and WISE ( World Institute Scientology Entreprise ) .
Indeed , I inform you by the present that I am not any more member of Churh of Scientology since many years and that associating my name with it therefore represents an untruth .
Just like an untruth to associate with it the programs of my " Method Aimé Venel international " which contains nothing else but teaching of techniques of Drawing/Painting worked out thanks to my course of artist and justified by the training with my Master Edouard Mac'Avoy .
My concern relates to my art according to the requirement that I confer to him . The fact to have been the pupil of Edouard Mac'Avoy whose artistic line is impressive ( Bonnard , Vuillard , Nabis , Braque , ...is a chance ; I also inherited a certain responsability .
Sincerely yours , 
Aimé Venel
I decided not to offer my support to the Church of Scientology after observing that the philosophical writings advocating real help ( substance/content ) and the orientation required by an abusive and intolerant management on the followers ( the form ) slid Movement in this unseemly drift .
I considered this inadequacy as a breach of trust when I was persuaded to participate in building a better world . No longer at all consistent I have retired several years ago .
Aware that the former choice has not been good for my family , my friends and my journey as an artist , the label persists after all these years , I hope that this publication might destroy the bitterness I understtand some of you , improving our relationship and I open with my future knowledges on friendly , constructive and privileged relationships , whatever their beliefs , their labels , political opinion or race , as soon as they have fraternal dreams . This is the search for my true ideal .
I thank all those who continued to support me during the storms that ripped through my life .
Aimé Venel 
March 12 th , 2012

  Aimé Venel artist is not linked with Scientology   WARNING inadequate references on internet

Artworks Styles : Free Figuration - Figuratif - Figurative
Artworks Media : Canvas Oil - Huile - Lithograph - Oil - Oil On Canvass - Peinting

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