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Plastic. Maitresse Maison, January-February: The Story of walnut

by Demostene Sopfron, January 26, 2011 Bora Liviu
http://www.Bora-Liviu.com - October 2 2011

It's a fascinating story, one that introduces us to into a world less known to us, more known by the specialists. Is the universe proposed by the sculptor Liviu Bora, a name with which we are already familiarize. We are because the  main reference points of the artistic experiences are found in collective exhibitions (The Annual International Exhibition of Miniature Art, Del Bello Gallery, Toronto, 1990; Bastion Gallery, 1990), in  personal exhibitions ('Alien Girl', Students' house of culture, 1994, 'Cube' Puppet Theatre 'Puck', 1995, 'Sculpture', Tirgu Mures National Theatre, 1997, 'Mask', Maitresse Maison, 2010), prestigious collaborations with Puppet Theatre 'Puck' Cluj-Napoca (1994 - 1996; 2005 - 2006), Tirgu Mures National Theatre (the show 'Harlequin's happening, "directed by Mona Chirila),  Odeon Theatre (' Saragosa - 66 days', directed by Alexandru Dabija),  Hungarian Theatre Cluj - Napoca (show 'Cabaret Europe', 2005, directed by Aleksandar Dundjekovic; show 'Quartet', directed by Gabor Tompa, 2007), Baia Mare Municipal Theatre (show 'Harlequin & Co', directed by Gelu Badea, 2006). I mentioned this  not by chance, I remembered that because  Liviu Bora needs to be  pursued through the prism of its rich and diverse artistic activities. Activity  of which is not missing the classic approaches, and then we talk about commedia dell'arte’s masks, but also the  forms, simplified   and brought down to essences. A accession to the concepts of Brancusi, whith  the embodiments that catch  from the first sight.
That is why I am convinced that the ranks written by Brancusi fits to Bora Liviu fit, quote, "Direct Carving is the real path to sculpture, and also the worst for those who don’t know how to walk. After all, direct or indirect carving doesn’t mean anything, it matter  only the thing done."   And the thing done means  a fascinating story of which not missing portraits and allegorical figures - Igor, Goldfish, Snake Sax, Idol (Tapu), Venus from Kanyo, King, Clown, Little Venus, Girl with bird in her hair, Idol (Miki ), Caryatids, Cry, Flowers of evil, Shadow, Thorns, Green leaf  - so many perfections of executions, symbols, references and messages clearly expressed.
Overlapping man - artist offers by the  sixteen works - important to recall the artistic images which accompanies and enrich the exhibition - relevant data about the walnut tree, rightfully considered the King of the trees by massive crown, strong trunk, smooth gray bark, large dark green and aromatic leaves. It is the Walnut story through the uses in furniture industry, automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, food, weapons,  artistic uses (musical instruments) or medicinal, ecological, another reason to 'read' carefully walnut story. Written by an  inspired, original, deeply  artist.

 Masks culture Kanyo   Cluj-Napoca december 1, 2011 Liviu Bora

 Plastic. Maitresse Maison, January-February: The Story of walnut   by Demostene Sopfron, January 26, 2011

 Liviu Bora and wood carving   by Alexandra Furnea http://www.romanialibera.ro http://www.casamea.ro/inspiratie/arta/artisti/liviu-bora-si-sculptura

Artworks Styles : Sculpture
Artworks Media : Hand Crafted - Mixed Technique

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