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The value of the imagination

The color, the volume and the textures are the main protagonists in the work of the artist FABA. With these three elements it represents Faba paintings as well as her sculptural work. We find gestural lines of chromatic harmony in her brushstrokes as in her molds. Faba creates pieces that break borders as they speak in a form that we can understand and live art, utilizing the painting and the sculpture as an expression of feelings and a way of perceiving the world.

Faba treats her work with bravery. Creating mysterious, original, impressive, unknown, and unusual pieces. At the same time, they all perceive a sensation of elegance and grace, that makes them unmistakable. A sample of the imagination in movement, shades of intense colors and electrifying contours. Forms and full plans of spontaneity, smoothness and brilliant waves. A work that is nourished by the fire of the light and color, treating it with passion, emotions and temperament. In which we can discover a loaded background of reminiscences of mosaics and crafts.

Faba painting surprises us with a full abstraction of light, color and volume. The images represented are inflamed thanks to the layers of color and the objects incorporated. Energy beatings brushstrokes that compose full pieces of rhythm and musicality. Enigmatic series and repetitions of highly symbolic degree that invite us to a trip through abstract, biological or astronomical forms. A full almost hypnotic rhythm of imbalances that creates a species of tense calm (calm tense), and hides a reflexive will.

Faba paintings that have the capacity to intrigue us, with her thick oil lines that reveal the general sense naif of her work. Vibrant textures influenced by the cities of Seville, Madrid and Washington, where she grew up and the artist was formed. Her pictorial work is a hybrid between painting and sculpture of base-relief, where each creation is seen completed by the juxtaposition of objects and material, rich oils in oils and pigments accentuated with brilliantine, flora and sand.

Faba last works in sculpture are the result of a coherent evolution in her work. If her painting has always been characterized for a conception of materialistic, why not to take a step forward to the three dimensions. Faba sculptures that show a lot of paint, just like her paintings speak with the relief. Faba models her painting and draws her sculptures.

The sculptures of FABA are shaped, cooked and painted by hand with reverberant colors, creating some figures, that form a way of caricature, they portray the current world. Just like her paintings, we see as in her sculptural work also explores with the dimensions and textures. Busts or simply busts of necks stylized that transport us to an ambiguous and multiracial world, always with a touch of humor. Representations of a various group stereotyped of personages as the prostitutes, bullfighters, Indian, military, African princes...

The work of FABA is, in all the senses, a brave bet by her imagination, being set apart of a realistic vision. A work where we find homages and references, allusions and winks to different artists and to the personal life of the author.

Artworks Topics : Abstract - Abstract Visions - Humor - Portrait - Portraits - Woman - Women