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My art Philosophy. .

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance". (Aristotle) Yefim Shestik
September 19 2008

"Art completes what Nature cannot bring to finish." (Aristotle)

The meaning of the Art.
Some modern artists have often put too much input to innovations in the Art and, really had created many art styles and enriched the Art with magnificent artworks , but some artist was so involved in a process of innovation that the other important issues of have lost in the process.
Purposes of art, is positively to be influent on people soul and mind, that people will get from art the most important moral value God's gave to us basic moral code - the Ten Commandment, that LOVE - is the most important God's gift to us ,and not the Money. .

Power of the Money
Nowadays,unfortunately,people seem to have forgotten that this is the most important value in life, and they instead substituted with false the value of the” Power of the Money.”
In America ,once, the hard work was a value . People believed that by working hard they would achieve the American's Dream,the happiness , the economic freedom and the security. Later this idea of the American Dream was substituted by " To get rich in any way and in the quickest way.” .
.On the dollar bank-notes, it's written the slogan "In God, we trust"
However, in nowadays, it would be more appropriate - "In the dollar we trust"
People are believing, that the money brings them happiness,stability;and prosperity
Majority of them is living their lives in a continuous run for getting “the money value”and
forgetting about the moral values .
The Government and Politician are serving the big monopolies with their egoistic interests.
All the various Governments provide for the people many kinds of lotto- programs, and the casino, that serves the false ideology of the ''Get rich and quickly" .
Many people, live their life in big rush and hard competition. ..
In these rush, people are creating many conflicts and damaging , not only themselves but to Mother Nature too. As a result we have poor homeless people literally starving and on the other hand, extremely rich people,and, the gap keeps on dramatically increasing.
We are facing the global climate's changes ,air pollution , water pollution and soil pollution as well.

The Globalisation.
The Globalisation brings to us not only good effects, but bad are too ,such as,women's sex slavery ,illegal workers slavery,corruption and mafia .
Invention of the Internet accelerates the Globalisation.
The Internet is genius invention, mostly because spreading the knowledge.
By using Internet many people can get many life opportunities.Even so, there are many bad things to come from Internet too .
By Internet, criminals are spreading their criminal activity, as pornography, all kinds of illegal stuff including the terrorist activity and propaganda.
The Globalisation is not going to bring us stability and prosperity.
Not by reason importing the cheap labor, and not because of the cheap products that are free -imported to the Western countries from the East countries.
But by reason of the cheap products, that are free -imported to the Western countries from the East countries,
many firms and small businesses had faced bankruptcy , because they could not sell their products on the local markets.
As result of it Middle class in the Western countries has come much smaller.
Some big firms opened their branches in the eastern countries, and increased their profits.
The illegal workers that came in masses from the East countries are employed in very bad condition that I may have to say - slavery condition.
These processes created unemployment in Western countries' Labor hands came cheaper and many privileges were taken from working people.
The many countries in the West have implemented the minimum wage Low. .
Large numbers of workers working very hard are getting a minimum wage and living in poverty.
The expression that by physical labor work you can reach your economical stability and happiness is not relevant for many people.
This situation, created in Western countries very big social problems.
Cheap labor is slower the progress and innovation . The industry where are the cheap labor are used, do not have to buy and implement the new advanced methods, machinery and technology .
I am voting against the Globalisation in way it has implemented on people's life.

My artistic approach .
I believe that  the artist ,as is a public person,and have to act in the responsible way in People's favor . By creating the Art an Artist has to make influence on people conscious in order to return the universal values to their harts. These are my role and philosophy. Creating art objects , I am embodying , my feelings ,my soul ,my ideas and my art is becoming a life energy,which I believe having positive influence on the People's soul and minds.
Sincerely, Yours,Yefim Shestik.

 The title of the exhibition is named "Light''.   The 22 artist exposed their artwork in gallery Mitham le Amanim in Tel-Aviv

 Participation in fine art exhibitions.   Starting from year 1980 I am participating at different Art exhibitions in Israel.

  My art Philosophy. .   The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance". (Aristotle)

 My art skills and art works.   Like you have notice, I work in many styles and technique and mediums.,but my most art works are bronze sculptures .

 My art styles   In creating my art, I have no preferences to any of art styles,because they are just means to make my art alive.

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