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Michel DEBRAY erotic paint

Biography translated automatically - with gallicism and - perhaps ? - barbarism Michel Debray
December 30 2003


Michel DEBRAY was born in Amiens on November 3rd, 1945. Raise(bring up) to the teachers' training college of Perpignan and Montpelier, he leads in the Oise his(its) career of teacher which he finishes in Tréport in June, 2001. At the same time, since his adolescence, he writes and he paints.

Strongly impressed by the Scandinavian and Germanic Expressionists, at first a " militant ", aggressive painting, sinks, while reflecting a deep fear which he produces. Really, he appreciates especially the big painting of the Flemish and Italian XVth and XVIth centuries and nothing, does not move it more than a Piero della Francesca, a Simone Martini or a Vermeer. It, it is for a sort of horizon inatteignable. In fact, he discovers in 1965 that he has big affinities with Clovis Trouille, anarchistic painter picard, anticlerical, antimilitarist, intensely revolted by the War of 14-18 which he made and who traumatized him. Michel Debray will be one of the rare

propagandist of the work underestimated by Trouille about which somebody was able to say: "He put testicles to the Customs officer Rousseau"

In time, Michel Debray is going to turn to an almost exclusively erotic painting and his palette is going to become milder until use sometimes grey colored and with whites. As Trouille, he judges that the deformation which certain artists make undergo just like the feminine body are despicable; as Touille, he thinks that the subversive, even pornographic character of its works, will allow them to cross the time.

Michel Debray exhibited from Beauvais to Perpignan by way of the Chapel of the Penitent of Collonges-la-Rouge and the Lounge(Show) of the Eroticism of the Space Austerlitz, the Gallery of Blancs-Manteaux in Paris but these experiences(experiments) always disappointed him. That is why hewelcomed the tremendous freedom offered by Internet which puts him shielded from oukases and censorships of the gallery owners and the publishers(editors).

Since 1999, his works are exposed(explained) on his site: Poilnet in the Hand (http://perso.club-internet.fr/m_debray). Thanks to this medium, he was able to meet buyers and models.

Michel Debray lives to Ault ( Somme) at the edge of Channel, between the cliffs of Caaux and the Bay of Somme River. He never paints the magnificent landscape in which he soaks: he persists in painting women's bodies. His works are visible at him, permanently. We can get in touch with him by e-mail : m_debray@club-internet.fr


 Michel DEBRAY erotic paint   Biography translated automatically - with gallicism and - perhaps ? - barbarism