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Artwork >> Yosef Reznikov >> -- Colorful musical composition # 39--EVE

Artwork >> Yosef Reznikov >>  -- Colorful musical composition # 39--EVE

"-- Colorful musical composition # 39--EVE"
Yosef Reznikov
смешанная техника. акрил.холст. масло - 35 Inches x 39 Inches
In art, there are eternal themes. One of them is the theme of women. Every era has its own ideal of a woman. The whole history of mankind is reflected in the way people saw a woman.
Female character has always attracted special attention of artists. By portraits, we can judge both the appearance of a woman, her social fabric is influenced by social events, fashion, literature, art and painting itself.
Let's enumerate only the directions in painting, where the female image was perfectly realized. In order: realism, academism, impressionism, symbolism, modernism, expressionism, cubism, surrealism, postmodernism.
At the moment, there is a postulate that "... the tradition has exhausted itself and that art must seek a different form." As far as it is competent, do not judge us. In our interpretation, the image of a woman acquires a completely different sound. It is both modern, expressive and generalizing.

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