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Artwork >> Yosef Reznikov >> Composition--Cafe--

Artwork >> Yosef Reznikov >>   Composition--Cafe--

Yosef Reznikov
mixed media on canvas - 35 Inches x 39 Inches
Nowadays, medicine is developing by leaps and bounds.Alternative medicine also does not stand still, surprising us not only with various types of therapy, but most importantly - with an effective action, a positive result.
One of the many interesting areas is color therapy.
The therapeutic effect of art therapy is achieved by exposure to external color.It can be a painted light sourcecolored lamp , interior details selected in a color scheme in unison with the room, colored walls, multi-colored mosaic of glass, paintings ...Perception of color through vision affects the emotional state, changing it.
Let s look around.Even nature has a “reasonable” color scheme.In the summer, everything turns bright green.And we know that greenespecially its light colorsis a symbol of life.It harmonizes, fills us with energy.If we talk about the sky - it is often blue.Blue color has a pacifying effect, therefore it is no coincidence that when it becomes gray and faded, our mood begins to deteriorate.
But the whole gamut of bright colors positively excites, pleases.Rainbow, butterflies, flowers show us a whole range of colorsIt is also interesting that the wordflowers , which we all love so much, came from the Greekanthos-color.In fact, “flowers” are “a lot of color.” We associate motleyness with our childhoodcolorful toys , with a holidayballs, gifts , with summer holidays“sun, sky and water”...That is, with a good mood.
Space does not tolerate emptiness.And how is it reasonable that the largest “parts of matter”sky, sea, plantshave colors that positively affect usIt is impossible to imagine the sky red and the vegetation purple ...
In color therapy, brightness and color saturation are important.When the sun shines brightly - all colors in nature become juicy, saturated, and we feel full of energy.If the sun is hiding behind the clouds or tilting over the horizon, the color scheme around turns pale, and we become sluggish, slow.But when night falls - we don’t see any colors at allor, rather, see only black , and we’re lost in space and time.
Therefore, it can be argued that our emotions are directly related to color.If you focus on color therapy, you can regain your positive emotions, and with them a good mood, which is directly related to our performance, self-confidence, success.
In order for color therapy to act constantly, but not to be intrusive, surround yourself with the “right” colors.For example, a room on the north side should be decorated in warmsunnycolors, and a nursery should be in bright colors with bright ornaments.Flowering plants are also a great way to recharge your batteries, and along the way - decorate the room.Well, the paintings remain irreplaceable.Choose them in a color scheme that will cheer you up.

3000 US$

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