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Artwork >> Emilia Milcheva >> TREE STORIES #21

Artwork >> Emilia Milcheva >> TREE STORIES #21

Emilia Milcheva
acrylic on stretched canvas - 20 Inches x 27 Inches
I am practically in love with every tree. They are so beautiful in my eyes.
So beautiful in their various stages of metamorphosis. So beautiful in their dramatically changing conditions and moods. So beautiful that they became my favorite subject to paint. I love the energy that I feel around them, the comfort that they bring in my soul, the strong connection with the earth that they teach me. I love the bunch of colors they radiate when bathed in light and how this palette changes during different seasons, different hours even. I dedicate to these beautiful powerful creatures a series of paintings named Trees Stories
This original acrylic painting is done on stretched cotton canvas.
Sides of the painting are painted so it is ready to hang.
The painting will be sent safely packed within 4 working days after the purchase. A certificate of authenticity will be enclosed.
*** please bear in mind that colours may slightly vary between the actual original painting and the way it looks on your screen due to different monitors settings***

580 US$

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Artworks Topics : Abstract - Emotional - Landscape - Landscapes - Nature - Still Life
Artworks Media : Acrylic - Painting - Painting On Canvas