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Artwork >> Vincent Autenrieb >> Life

Artwork >> Vincent Autenrieb >> Life

Vincent Autenrieb
Digital - 62 Inches x 62 Inches
The image was created as both a meditation aid and a celebration of life. Incorporated are multiple symbols for life from various traditions. The lotus flower appears in each of the four corners with lines pointing to each of them from an "infinity" symbol in the center of the image which is on the celtic "tree of life" overlaid on the "flower of life" to symbolize a hope for eternal life. The lotus flower holds various symbolic meanings dating back thousands of years. In ancient Egypt, spiritual teachings held that the lotus represented the sun, and therefore, creation and rebirth. This stemmed from the way the lotus flower closes its petals at night and sinks underwater, to rise and open the petals again at dawn. It was said that because of that, the lotus gave birth to the sun. Also included are four symbols around the outer ring set amidst rubies and emeralds. The symbols are a Labyrinth, an Ankh, the Kanji alphabet character for life, and a symbol from the wiccan tradition representing life. It is set primarily in gold and green tones in a circular mandala-like shape to represent the sun...another symbol for life. The color green itself is often used to represent life as it is the most abundant color in nature. The Wikipedia entry for the color green states it is the color that is most commonly associated in Europe and the U.S. with nature, vivacity and life and that in China, it is associated with the east, with sunrise, and life. This beautiful piece will bring calming energies and balance to any space! For best quality, this piece is recommended as a "Metal Print".

Print 25 US$

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