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Artwork >> Vincent Autenrieb >> Still Motion

Artwork >> Vincent Autenrieb >> Still Motion

"Still Motion"
Vincent Autenrieb
Digital - 144 Inches x 81 Inches
There is no animation in this picture. Any movement you see while looking around this image is due to an effect known as "Peripheral Drift Illusion" (PDI) which is apparently how our brains process peripheral vision. After reading a somewhat heady paper on the subject, I decided it would be fun to create an image that incorporates the PDI effect and this is the result! Again, this image contains no animation, any movement you see while looking around the picture is due to the PDI. You can print it and hang it on your wall and the movement will remain! Would make a great conversation starter where ever it is displayed! Great gift idea for science lovers and people who enjoy optical illusions. Acrylic Printing or canvas print is recommended for this piece. Please share if you enjoy. Thank you.

Print 25 US$

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