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Artwork >> Vincent Autenrieb >> Game Over

Artwork >> Vincent Autenrieb >> Game Over

"Game Over"
Vincent Autenrieb
Digital - 82 Inches x 61 Inches
This image was created as a commentary on stress associated with life in modern society. Less job security, a demeaning job application process with limited leverage for the applicant, increasing demands from employers, unforgivable student loan debt, and reduced government protections from unscrupulous business practices are just some of the increasing number of factors resulting in overwhelming despair and depression caused by frustration and a sense of being trapped with limited opportunities. Over-processed low nutrition foods, high levels of caffeine, rising costs, and increasing demands from family and friends are a recipe for what's illustrated in this picture...a melt down! The fallen chess king as well as the positioning of the subject at the edge of the chess board are allegorical making the statement "game over" for someone already "on the edge". Hand painted digitally using the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP). Please share to spread the message. Thank you.

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