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Artwork >> Vincent Autenrieb >> Emergence

Artwork >> Vincent Autenrieb >> Emergence

Vincent Autenrieb
Digital - 21 Inches x 16 Inches
This piece is based the idea of emerging from a previously instilled and established paradigm. Represents an understanding that everything is connected and life is actually a series of illusions put in place to control and maintain an established societal construct.
There seems to be a basic drive among conscience beings which compels them\us on an upward spiral of ever expanding consciousness, and coherent intelligence...like fractals evolving to ever greater scales of magnitude. Along the way, we follow the same basic patterns, but at each stage there are some unique variations. The fractals in this image have been included to symbolize those infinitely repeating patterns from the infinitely small to the infinitely large.
Emergence could be like waking up to the dreamlike nature of "reality" and stepping through an intensely transforming membrane into a world where everything is permeated with deep symbolic meaning. This image illustrates that first exciting step beyond that threshold into a new vivid reality. If this piece speaks to you, we are kindred spirits indeed. Peace, love, happiness, and success to you.

Print 25 US$

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Artworks Media : Computer Graphics - Digital - Drawing - Fractal - Painting
Prices : 00 To 50 Usd