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Artwork >> Vincent Autenrieb >> Cloud Services

Artwork >> Vincent Autenrieb >> Cloud Services

"Cloud Services"
Vincent Autenrieb
Digital - 36 Inches x 36 Inches
This piece illustrates connecting to ones "Higher Self" through meditation. It is said the pineal gland located in the center of the brain looks like a pine cone (how it got its name). Medical professionals consider this organ vestigial however, it is biologically similar to the eye ball and has gained a reputation in some circles as being the key to connecting to other dimensions or even the akashic record and limitless knowledge. It is called the "Third Eye" and is said to be able to be activated through meditation. It is also tied to the sixth chakra (Anja) which is associated with the color Indigo. If you can connect to the Akashic record you would have access to more information than the Internet...and no need for a computer! The ultimate cloud services. Shown in the background is the Flower of Life. Other titles considered: Piecing the Veil, Higher Self, and Third Eye.

Print 25 US$

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