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Artwork >> Altmayer Bruno >> The complex rhino

Artwork >> Altmayer Bruno >> The complex rhino

"The complex rhino"
Altmayer Bruno
oil in canvas - 24 Inches x 24 Inches
The choice of some countries, the richest, the most careless or unaware of the most disrespectful of the planet and future generations, humanity has led to bitter: the dream of luxuriance is not that a sequence of disappointments, losses and profits dropped to the discharge of indifference. The globe draws contours while relief of three main instigators and providers of nuclear waste, the United States, France and Japan. The trash of the world is concentrated there. Residues timeless enthroned open the desert wins. It is only he who arises wise, contemplating on the steps of the indignity, contempt latest slag of a bygone era. Waste that will, in turn, a long future of our beautiful Earth, a very long future ... While the last Rhino disappear, witnesses of bygone this abundance, the wealth of resources and wealth in diversity. The ... / ...

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Artworks Styles : Fantastic - Realism - Symbolism - Visionary
Artworks Topics : Allegory - Symbolism