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Artwork >> Pasqui R >> Mother and children on the beach

Artwork >> Pasqui R >> Mother and children on the beach

"Mother and children on the beach"
Pasqui R
soft pastel on paper 360g - 24 Inches x 32 Inches
On a beach in Normandy, I walk with my camera. I noticed a woman and her two children, a small, isolated. Mother a little further contemplates the landscape, her other child very close to her static. This is a time of simple and vibrant life. The loneliness of each member of the family, both near and distant from each other and magnified in the seascape. Every body is inscribed in different ways, each being there alone and with each other, and with the landscape. If the body were out of the landscape, being isolated, it would remain the posture of the body and the landscape would be recreated by our imagination.
The soft pastel colors evoke maternal sweetness, nostalgia for a childhood memory that remains universal.

350 US$

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Brighter than the Sun!
Thank you for such a wonderful sunflowers! Adore those flowers! It seems that they shine like a real sun on a painting!
(Olga, 15 August 2014)