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Artwork >> CAMS >> the time column

Artwork >> CAMS >> the time column

"the time column"
mixed technique on mattress - 73 Inches x 35 Inches
J’ai realized this opens d’art for the let drop to its fate , on a prague , before a musee , a church , a gallery fame wherein l’adresser at quelqu’un . J’ai so decide to let her in front, there door of M . Stone Huber stick by a padlock , with the errand next :
hello m . Stone Huber
i allow of you address this work d’art unique in , you have all rights on this peinting « the time column » . Now you can arrange d’elle , give her the square qu’elle merit , this value as qu’œuvre d’art for qu’elle can breathe and be accomplished . Youre free to to keep it or call mamco or road for you by débarrasser…
I conclude by presenting you my cams best greetings .

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Artworks Topics : Abstact - Contempory - Symbolic Abstraction
Artworks Media : Abstact - Acrilyc - Mixt Technik - Oil