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Artwork >> Les Couleurs Du Printemps >> only flowers that

Artwork >> Les Couleurs Du Printemps >> only flowers that

"only flowers that"
Les Couleurs Du Printemps
canvas oil
when the life decide to we smile ,
our heart s'ouvre and blooms
and the spring s'annonce out into seasons
and we themselves sees enlightened and radiating
i often ask
that must be done to shine like a star or a diamond
that he must think for stay awake
that and must tell to at l'autre felt
in him the life and qu'il end by smile
then i painted of flowers from every the colours
espérannt aisi creating them in interiors
at something who keeps in us
l'étincelle from the life awake

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Artworks Styles : Expresionismo - Nature In - Peinting - Symbolic - Whimsy
Artworks Media : Dye - Peinting
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Artworks added the : Added March 26 2007 - Added March 25 2007