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Artwork >> Les Couleurs Du Printemps >> the flower

Artwork >> Les Couleurs Du Printemps >> the flower

"the flower"
Les Couleurs Du Printemps
canvas oil
you know what my love ,
you are rest in my a good memory sparkling flower which continues to me make glad and yet
you are already left
Me n'ai none regret even not for the death us separate
i am delivered to fate
and i feel happy qu'aujourd'hui q'après so many d'années passes
in me thou continuing to bloom out and give off an odour my soul in his deepest secrets
think thou
me n'ai nothing forgets
i will say that even since j'ai coined
around it you d'autres small flowers for good guard
the souvenir so many sacred moments ,
where are you and where thou shalt and even if you n'existes more and that you was all simplementun actor in my living
in me thou exist to fully and your memory is the symphony
that rocks my slumber
and ad my awakening
out and i move pace and i screw
you have done while for as aujourd'hui despite the pain
that you sosi set
that i mouse and me finding single by night
j'ai at something in my heart kissing
and one tear d'amour to pour

and under my day
you continues m'appeler by your name
way marking l'éternité
of our link has begun
since that i know how d'années . . .
this flower is center of my heart
and aujourd'hui , i removals in your soul can to be
in my you dream m'apparait for me to tell qu'elle is well pretty

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Artworks Styles : Expresionismo - Nature In - Peinting - Symbolic - Whimsy
Artworks Media : Dye - Peinting
Sizes :
Artworks added the : Added March 26 2007 - Added March 25 2007