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Artwork >> Les Couleurs Du Printemps >> sorcery

Artwork >> Les Couleurs Du Printemps >> sorcery

Les Couleurs Du Printemps
canvas oil
at my life i am sitting , contemplating l'horizon and i thoughtful
you came with one glance deep and so
my soul s'est opened out and calls out j'ai all-in
since i born me am never ever sitting
at my living
since that you came j'ai felt
in me the life flow gently
as an creek between the blooms
and j'ai saw my marigolds
through it l'eau up like well polished cobblestones
i am become this branch undulating and caress my area
and also l'eau which flows and who in its passing feeds and nourishes
me n'ai could disintegrate since
my soul this which l'entoure and others
the all in me s'est even
to form an enchantment at l'infini
say i love how no is the living
i tell you
since that in my heart germinated l'amour ,
i live and before that j'étais seated at my living

750 US$

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Artworks Styles : Expresionismo - Nature In - Peinting - Symbolic - Whimsy
Artworks Media : Dye - Peinting
Sizes :
Artworks added the : Added March 26 2007 - Added March 25 2007