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Artwork >> Pol Ledent >> pinks

Artwork >> Pol Ledent >> pinks

Pol Ledent
oil - 24 Inches x 28 Inches
oil on canvas presented the 21 may the field provincially of chevetogne for del'inauguration of nova gonthier rose institutions collaboration with l'émission Gardens and leisure and christmas lunc marc knaepen and in presence of the minister The sabine The small street .

800 US$

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Massage - Struk Léa
Merci d'être membre de la famille ArtsCad. Vous avez reçu un message de Struk Léa. "VOTRE peinture est exactement celle qui m'eblouit et m'enchante. Ou les voir a Paris ou trouver Qq album? Léa ( Vu annoncement ) Nous avons informé Struk Léa, que vous avez déjà reçu le massage et avez donné un lien vers votre ArtsCad email. S'il vous plaît.../...
(ArtsCad Manager - Marina, 16 June 2014)
Beautiful work!
I am a big fan of your artwork, Mr. Ledent. Your watercolors inspire me so much and always evoke an emotion. I would love to have you teach me.
(Lisa, 4 April 2011)
Pol, I love your work!
Dear Pol, I just adore and love your artwork! I'm a fan, Holly Carmichael Nashville, TN
(Hollycarmichael, 9 August 2006)
You're beautifull aquarelle paintings
dear paul ledent I'm a artist from holland,I do Oil and acryl and Aquarelle/oil and paintbrush art,but to sai really the truth I admire your work a lot. so from amsterdam holland I can say directly to you go on with this work. I ressentle did a work in a house and I urned 13000 euro for it. but it was something same as michelangelo. it took me 3 .../...
(IlmondBellO, 13 March 2006)
Hello Pol I think that we met at a pastel show in Quebec many years ago and I see your ...
Hello Pol I think that we met at a pastel show in Quebec many years ago and I see your work here salute Dan ww.members.shaw.ca/dfgray/home. htm
([From Guestbook], 3 January 2004)