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Artwork >> Yosef Reznikov >> portrait of a horse 3

Artwork >> Yosef Reznikov >> portrait of a   horse 3

"portrait of a horse 3"
Yosef Reznikov
mixed media on canvas - 39 Inches x 28 Inches

Figurative abstraction.
There is no clear consensus on the definition, types, or aesthetic meaning of abstract art. Picasso thought there was no such thing at all. Some art historians believe that all art is abstract - because, for example, no painting can count on being anything more than a rough summary of what the artist sees. In addition, there is a sliding scale of abstraction, from semi-abstract to fully abstract. Therefore, while the theory is relatively clear - abstract art is detached from reality - the practical task of separating abstract from non-abstract works can be much more problematic.
Researchers say that it is not entirely correct to consider abstractionism as a style in art, because it is a specific form of fine art. It is divided into several directions: geometric abstraction, gestural abstraction, lyrical abstraction, analytical abstraction, Suprematism, Orphism, Tachism, etc.
We want to share with you another one of our compositions. I wonder how you feel about this and other compositions.
Abstract composition - portrait of a horse (3) - mixed media on canvas 100x70 cm.

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