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Artwork >> Mirit Ben-Nun >> israel walks modern art tour group study of mirit Ben-Nun

Artwork >> Mirit Ben-Nun >> israel walks modern art tour group study of mirit Ben-Nun

"israel walks modern art tour group study of mirit Ben-Nun"
Mirit Ben-Nun
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Point . Two points . . . Points . . . mirit ben nun
When aboriginal painting ( of australian aboriginal tribes ) was revealed to the west , in the years 70' the last century , injected a new adrenaline into modern painting and was quickly accepted , not only as legitimate but also as influential and inspiring . It is a tribal art , that satisfies the ritual needs of creating religious symbols and a fluid aesthetic characterized by the colors of the earth . Also artists africano-occidentales contemporaries , as chris opili and vinka shonibary , they have emphasized similar elements in their work and have diverted attention to the same continuing need to create colored dotted surfaces , that provoke visual pleasure thanks to its velvety texture , rich in colors and sinuous shapes .
there is no doubt that mirit ben nun's painting comes from there , that appears as a refreshing meteorite in our sky already saturated with an art full of messages and photographic images . As a self-taught artist , she grew up outside the well-lubricated art academy system , and does not suffer from the constant search for meaning and content . His painting bursts forth as emerging from a primary need to provoke the pictorial surface , of attacking her with an unbridled obsession , that leaves no hidden corners . The need for expression does not stop for a moment , wants to continue flowing along with the tempestuous mood turmoil , maybe to appease the demons that are running inside . This painting attracts and drags because it is primal , free from justifications and guilt for being " non-intellectual " . It comes from the same place where the impulses are generated creativos-psíquicos unconscious , not yet adapted to the language of codes that require decryption .
mirit ben nun's viewer is " attacked " for the abundance of color , by repetitive decorative forms , and by comparative images that can be quickly identified and captured . For the eye accustomed to this sophisticated art form , this is like breathing in a burst of instant beauty .
Perhaps this is the time and the place to reflect again on the deep roots of a culture that is branching out. , which for generations has been covered by a thick layer of theories and " …ismos "
david gerstein

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You have many outstanding and original works of art. Love it.
(Karina Garno, 1 November 2019)

Sizes : 10 - 15 Inches