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Artwork >> Mirit Ben-Nun >> travel residence contemporary artists mirit Ben-Nun

Artwork >> Mirit Ben-Nun >> travel residence contemporary artists mirit Ben-Nun

"travel residence contemporary artists mirit Ben-Nun"
Mirit Ben-Nun
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mirit ben nun : Paint out of fees
mirit ben nun's painting escapes common definitions . On the one hand , objective observation would define it as contemporary pictorial art , currently created by a young and effervescent artist . On the other hand , characteristics are absent in his art " contemporary " , that reflect the spirit of this time and this place . This is a painting that " speaks " in a foreign language that belongs , apparently , to another time and to another place
but trying to point out what that time and place are , we find ourselves navigating the dimensions of time and space , without finding referential support points . ben nun's paintings provide us with strong sensuality and color . They have characteristics of naive and archetypal innocence reminiscent of folk art
the size differences of the different figures , within the same frame , they are not true to reality , and the proportions are presented as " wrong " , similar to tribal and aboriginal painting of africa , oceania and australia .
Surfaces are painstakingly worked , and the motifs multiply repetitively , as in carpet weaving techniques . Likewise , motifs of the Pop-Art western , and this combination of primitive magic motifs with modern western art burdens ben nun's painting with historical and cultural tension , between a " past " and a " present " , between " there " and " here " . From the formal point of view , his painting is divided , as usual , between schematic shapes and color zones , no intermediate passages . Clear dividing lines separate the different segments , and in each zone a different event occurs , that completes or contradicts your neighbor . So , for example , circular shapes confront with angular geometric shapes , or human figures with figures of fauna and flora . Often , the painting contains , at its edges , a " framework " that unites and encloses all its parts , like a window inside another window . As a result , an unusual composition is created , that breaks the usual formula or canon " theme unit , shape and color " . This breaking of the conventional rules strengthens the quality of savagery " not civilized " of these paintings .
at the center of ben nun's work are the image of women and the mutual relationship between the sexes. . Women are presented as seductresses , accentuating its rounded shapes , often in dancing movements . Dance works as a metaphor for courtship and seduction
thick red lips , many times heart-shaped , symbolize passionate desire and love . When it seems that implicit temptation is not enough , the female image is drawn from the front with the legs open , in a composition reminiscent of the letter w , but when the feminine and masculine image are together , unification is complete
the characters merge with each other , profiles overlap . When they are in a sitting position , the shape of the letter w and the shape of the letter m interchange with each other , with a tactic that emphasizes that they are opposites that complement each other .
The protagonists – woman and man – are accompanied by supporting characters : Symbolic images , mainly fish , hands ( shaped like " Hamsa " ) and eyes . these symbols are prevalent in middle eastern cultures , and they represent fertility , fortune and defense against " the evil eye " . Your presence , next to the lovers , suggests that the topic here is not about sterile erotica and carnal desire , but of true love , who aspires to live under one roof , create a family , and have offspring .
Especially , these images provide the viewer with the desired point of reference , since they summarize the entire work , that at first glance seemed to be moving between different historical and cultural worlds , and places it in our place , here and now .
mirit ben nun is a wild flower that did not grow on the main avenue of israeli art , but on both sides of the road . She has her own side path , from which he challenges the established institutional art world . just like cupid , with a mischievous smile she shoots arrows of love , and when the arrows hit the target , in a passer-by or another , falling in love is instantaneous . His paintings are full of magic and humor . Its exoticism has an inexplicable attraction , just like the charm that the " noble savage " about people of western culture .
From the sea of sounds that surround us , pleasant to a greater or lesser extent , mirit ben nun's voice rises from the depths
a pure voice , enigmatic and special , who wanders the world and claims his own place : " The flute raises its voice . \ ¿Cuáles are his themes ? \ Sing to love , to fellowship and friendship . \ Sing to good and good things . \ ¿Sobre why don't you sing ? Sing about everything and everyone , on all subject and theme , in its entirety " . ( natán alterman , " Summer party " ) .
ilan wizgan

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You have many outstanding and original works of art. Love it.
(Karina Garno, 1 November 2019)

Sizes : 10 - 15 Inches