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Artwork >> Mirit Ben-Nun >> israeli painter tourism israel art sessions for groups

Artwork >> Mirit Ben-Nun >> israeli painter tourism israel art sessions for groups

"israeli painter tourism israel art sessions for groups"
Mirit Ben-Nun
Acrylic on wood
Mirit Ben-Nun uses lines and dots as an expressive resource and does so by exploiting their nuances and associations to the fullest . Some forms follow the same direction and others constantly change it , even urgently . Its language is visual and independent of its expressiveness , lies in the value and organization of its elements . The things of the visible world are unimportant , what is worthwhile is the achievement of reproduction of the inner world and human nature . Constantly encourages creativity . In this case pointillism conveys emotions by the effect it achieves using color , points , lines and so captures the observer's attention .
These drawings have a vision that goes beyond reality . They don't represent her , but if they chase it and try to reach it . In these works we can see the aggressiveness in the use of colors , creating shapes and integrating at the same time , but taking care of their independence . They do not try to copy reality but on the contrary they transmit the artist's emotional charge . Movement abounds , speed and rhythmic and obsessive repetition of the elements . They represent the world with its complex problems , criticizing structures , and giving not easy answers . Open mind , woman artist mind , eager to express herself , share and join the chaos within and around her .
dora woda

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You have many outstanding and original works of art. Love it.
(Karina Garno, 1 November 2019)

Sizes : 10 - 15 Inches