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""Voir . . . ""
Emerich Meerson
canvas oil - 29 Inches x 39 Inches
I only can no longer live without painting , same is certain .
My paintings please , people « feeling » at something d’elles . However sentent-elles out what ego , subconsciously there are placed ? i only would know ever .
I believe sincerely as l’homme at this in particular in l’univers : it only can to live without a feeling from there beauty . Everyone of course has its own appreciation from there beauty , but sometimes two people looking up the same painitng , feeling anything from similar and this feeling silent , unites them . Also in seeking in a « unseen » behind this who is look and seen , l’origine of his existance , l’art can be satisfaction of two needs : feel the wonderful to l’univers and under this wonderful , the revelation of the mystery dice l’existence real common to all . The rare verry much creative ways arts , but for me he there at l’art which shows and that that makes felt . I translate better that i can my thrills of beauty and sometimes bien-être and j’espère pass them on . J’espère encourage the spectator at look in l’image behind him and may there find out what that her spirit or her soul wish .

9500 US$

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i can look on this gallery forever...
(Barbara, 28 June 2016)
HIgh praise
High praise to you on this piece. Glorious.
(Al, 20 January 2016)
This is epic work! I love it.
(Anna, 6 January 2016)
Great color combo
I love the color combo you have picked. Looks stunning together. Keep up the great work.
(Eva T., 11 November 2015)
I am very pleased for you with how this turned out. I love the way you did your work.
(Honor R., 5 October 2015)