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Artwork >> Shandor Alexander >> sunny still life _ oil on canvas

Artwork >> Shandor Alexander >> sunny still life _ oil on canvas

"sunny still life _ oil on canvas"
Shandor Alexander
canvas oil
sunny still life
canvas , oil
alexander shandor is an ukrainian artist , who was born in 1981 . He is presently residing there . master graduated from the erdeli college , specializing in the metal processing .
Alex is working with an oil on canvas or with a water paint on paper , Most of his paintings are drawn from the nature , in the open air , in the genres of landscapes and still life . All his works are unique and unrepeatable .
Alexander is in love with his work . He puts his heart and soul in his creations . Master believes that each piece of art have been tested positive energy , which is getting transferred to the future owners . His ability to insert this energy in every painting , his commendable skills and a tremendous talent made his art desirable and appreciated fans and collectors .
Alexander is an active participant in the numerous exhibitions in the ukraine and abroad . His paintings are found in the galleries and in the private collections around the world .
message from alex :
Only the highest quality oil paints and materials are used in my works . After the paintings are finished , they are covered with a special varnish to protect them from the dust and direct sunlight . Paintings are extremely well packed in a cardboard box a plastic foam and a protective cover for their fronts . Each painting is a single copy . My principle is to create something new and different every time .
I wish you a nice view and a good choice .
Always yours ,
alexander shandor .

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Once again, Great
Looking at your stuff and I really like it. You show true talent.
(Pete, 23 October 2015)
Amazingly Awesome
I find this to be really awesome. You have done good on this.
(Pete, 23 October 2015)