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Artwork >> Rosy- Line >> Lady the kusanshonte

Artwork >> Rosy- Line >> Lady the kusanshonte

"Lady the kusanshonte"
Rosy- Line
watercolor and pencils from color acrilyc - 12 Inches x 16 Inches
Lady the kusanshonte ( second drawing which completes the diptych )
In l’univers festive from miss tam tam ,
Lady the kusanshonte
Drawers the buttocks madame everyone .
With its eyes of hinds , her l’aguiche .
And when d’un bang d’œil , It turned rinses l’œil .
His finger on the roundness of its thighs ,
The bottom slide .
D’un shot by hand ,
d’un shot bosom ,
d’un shot kidney ,
the rev Flon enamoured gang his elbow removed
d’un string rascal .
Rosylin the 21\09\2017

Poster 45 US$

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Hello, have you sold anything on artscad site? i have paid but they wont talk to me!
(Tom Rep, 1 April 2020)
so sweet))
i like your paintings, so positive and nice <3
(Anastasia, 20 April 2016)
LOL, made me smile
Lol this piece totally made me smile. Thanks!
(Anna D., 18 October 2015)
Gorgeous! Those artworks pleasant and kind like a real fairy tale!

(Shane, 2 September 2014)