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Artwork >> Kamila Ossowska >> Milczenie

Artwork >> Kamila Ossowska >> Milczenie

Kamila Ossowska
charcoal. pencil. pastel - 24 Inches x 39 Inches
Drawing on paper made in mixed technique - pencil, charcoal, pastel. These tools allows to show the variety of values, textures and the contrast of light , which gives this work unique aura, introduces a certain dose of anxiety and mystery.
Main inspiration for this work is "The soul of a woman remains a mystery".
Work is done in the drawing technique, on a white paper substrate 200 g \ m2. High quality UV resistant paper.
"Silence" is a single copy.
The signature is in the bottom right corner. The work was protected with a varnish. Sold without binding.

190 US$

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