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Artwork >> Chris Quinlan >> Park Days

Artwork >> Chris Quinlan >> Park Days

"Park Days"
Chris Quinlan
impasto - 24 Inches x 24 Inches
Park Days, is an impression painting of any park I walked through in my life.
The long and colourful walkway drifts slightly upwards, then vanishes into a colourful abyss before me, the unseen dip in the road re-emerges then fades gently to the light of blue haze beyond. The Sun filters through the trees to lay a warm bed of yellows across my path.
I painted this from my memories of random walks through various parks, with a scattering of trees, sometimes in clumps, filling a vast area of land that is sprayed with colours.

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Artworks Styles : Impressionism
Artworks Topics : Boats - Cities - Landscape - Urban
Artworks Media : Oil On Canvas