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Artwork >> Fidel Micó >> Misterioso amanecer

Artwork >> Fidel Micó >> Misterioso amanecer

"Misterioso amanecer"
Fidel Micó
Oil On Canvas - 79 Inches x 43 Inches

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Awesome piece
Awesome piece. Very great work.
(Taffyapple, 11 March 2016)
Stellar work
Stellar work. you should be proud of yourself.
(Jason, 7 March 2016)
Amazing work my friend! So good.
(Jade, 29 February 2016)
This is prolific work. I am very pleased with it.
(Wendy J, 20 February 2016)
Epic work here. Best I have seen.
(Milo, 12 February 2016)
So pretty
This is so pretty. You have done an amazing job on it.
(Elliot, 10 February 2016)
This is quite beautiful work. I am glad that I saw it.
(Xander, 8 February 2016)
This is quite beautiful work. I am glad that I saw it.
(Xander, 8 February 2016)
Great piece
This is a great piece. The coloring goes well together and just looks stunning. Very peaceful and tranquil.
(Addy, 24 September 2015)
Such a contrast, but really good at the same time painting! On one side is a gale, on another one ev.../...

(Victoria, 29 October 2013)
Beautiful and sad landscape. I would like to put this picture on my wall.
Beautiful and sad landscape. I would like to put this picture on my wall.
(Ndam09, 29 October 2013)
Even looking at the picture we can feel the power of the storming water.

(Maria, 29 October 2013)

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 Publication of peer-review paper   The prestigious academic journal Art Documentation has published a 5 pages article dealing with my career. The paper, entitled “Catalogue Raisonné of the Work of Fidel Micó: A Case Study” (Art Documentation 34, no. 2, 2015, p. 349-353, http://www.jstor.org/stable/10.1086/683379), describes the methodology used by the independent scholar José A. Bux

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Artworks Styles : Realism
Artworks Topics : Erotic Nude - Nature - Portrait
Artworks Media : Oil On Canvas
Prices : 5000 Usd Min