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Artwork >> Leonard Shane >> Fish Boat Anchored Off Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver, B.C.

Artwork >> Leonard Shane >> Fish Boat Anchored Off Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver, B.C.

"Fish Boat Anchored Off Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver, B.C."
Leonard Shane
watercolor - 9 Inches x 15 Inches
This is an original signed 9" x 15" watercolor painting showing a lone fishing boat anchored off of Horseshoe Bay which is one of the most picturesque and rugged settings adjacent to the city of Vancouver, B.C., Canada. I vividly recall creating this painting and being totally wrapped up in the emotion I felt which was one related to that mystical yet remote feeling one gets boating off of this rugged coastline lined with tall towering Douglas Fir trees. There is a stillness and peacefullness that fills the air and one senses a total feeling of calm here. We often have cloudy rainy winters here in Vancouver and I tried to capture this in the mountains and trees that climb ever so high up the mountain sides. The use of grays and whites with black and blue tones really creates that mood here. I encourage you to open each picture and 'zoom' in on it to see my strong brush strokes , but particularly to see how even in this overcast scene I have added in flicks of bright colors between the trees which if viewed in good lighting brings a real brightness and joy to this painting! It is one of my favorites, hope you like it.

250 US$

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Leonard Shane's autumn is the most golden Autumn ever seen!
Just wonderful! Amazing artwork! Looking at this artwork you realize the beauty of the autumn, its golden shine and fresh a bit cold light wind!
(Judy, 15 August 2014)
Such a colorful expression of autumn. Very beautiful.

(Maranda, 12 November 2013)
We are all missing summer and want to feel that warm and sun shine. Looking at the picture you can f.../...

(Merry, 7 November 2013)
nice art
MR. SHANE!! u used to be my teacher in grade 4!...dunno if u remember me
(Varun Sahota, 20 November 2008)
You phoned our school about buying cards for year end functions etc.....so I thought I would go on your website and take a look. I really liked some of your paintings especially "the Breaking Surf "and "Reflections". Not prepared to buy any right now but I will keep it in mind.
(MS, 11 June 2008)
art painting
dange this is a pretty nice piece da colors are goog
(james m. Astle, 4 January 2007)
your artwork
I saw one of your paintings in an Esquires coffee shop and quite liked it. Checked out the website, and just wanted to pass along how much I enjoy Reflections and The Sea Comes Alive (I think), as well as your watercolour land/sea scapes. I'll start saving my pennies! Cheers and best wishes, keep up the great work!
(C, 11 August 2006)
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(Leonard, 6 July 2006)