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Artwork >> Charles Carson >> Singing coloured ( SOLD. - SOLD )

Artwork >> Charles Carson >> Singing coloured ( SOLD. - SOLD )

"Singing coloured ( SOLD. - SOLD )"
Charles Carson
canvas of flax - 60 Inches x 40 Inches
Canadian master dice l'art contempory
newspaper la Urged , La france
by louis Lefevre
« L'oeuvre d’un genius qu’il born must not have afraid d’installer in the circle very firm major , very tall artists , who mark so as indelible their passage in the world from l’art and from arts . »
on canadian is an true talent nursery arts . When l’on evokes our cousins d’outre Atlantic or of quebec , you thought to Garou , celine dion , gilles vigneault . As much names that evoke as much songs to success . However, world from the culture canadian woman born themselves do not summarize has the music . L’art c’est also there peinting . And under this field , it is one which n’a nothing to envy to all these singers , because his talent is at tuning fork : the artist Charles the Carson .
At Charles the Carson , his sheet music his c’est a palette while shades . His notes , he plays them and sung with its brushes , in a formidable fire d’artifice colours both more brilliant the ones that other . That gives paintings that born leave indifferent person . Without any doubt c’est out what l’on call the talent . His work , if she n’est not yet known at we as much qu’elle deserves that , is already recognized everywhere else . In item that this opens n’appartient plus everything did at l’artiste . Joining in the notoriety that larger painters d’hier , she enters in the heritage universal d’aujourd’hui . And prepared that of tomorrow .

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