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Artwork >> Philhelm Philhelm >> M88 - SHIP-TO SKELETON COLVILLE RAGING SEA - 2008

Artwork >> Philhelm Philhelm >> M88 - SHIP-TO SKELETON COLVILLE RAGING SEA - 2008

Philhelm Philhelm
Acrylic on canvas - 38 Inches x 57 Inches
M88 - SHIP-TO SKELETON COLVILLE RAGING SEA - 2008. - Acrylic on canvas - MINOAN \ . 38 x 57,4 inches.\ (Text translated by Google) \ This ship is called Colville, to differentiate it from table M87 with which he seems to have many similarities, even though the boat is quite different. The original seal is part of the collection Mr. Colville, reference CMS VIII, 106. L. Basch, No. C3. Ashmolean Museum, Oxford University. Let us focus on the differences: The wing is more important, the rudder did not exist on the original, the special hull of the boat might suggest a catamaran, it was perhaps not? Otherwise the two fishes in the water are very skeleton on each outer edge is parallel to the central body! In the sky left, two birds or flying fish? A straight skeleton still a star! These are original Minoan symbols whose meaning escapes us! The ship left to right, a characteristic Minoan Crete in a skirt, a man handed him the central beaker sacred in the other hand the monogram of the artist. Next on deck, a second Minoan playing the lute, and above it one last woman lying in a strange position and this in a long dress with ruffles that look like long pants and baggy. Friend of the human, the dog is not forgotten ... Beaker sacred: This vase is now on hundreds of seals Minoan, one can imagine that their role was worship.

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