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Artwork >> Philhelm Philhelm >> B104 - ADDA THE SCRIBE – 2009

Artwork >> Philhelm Philhelm >> B104 - ADDA THE SCRIBE – 2009

"B104 - ADDA THE SCRIBE – 2009"
Philhelm Philhelm
Acrylic on canvas - 49 Inches x 75 Inches
BABYLONIAN \ (Text translated by Google)This table is inspired by an imprint of Miss M.W. Bruce recorded: cat. USNM No. 130272. Like most previous tables, it is still a scene of adoration of a subject before his God. However it displays a typical individual, which we owe much to the anthropomorphic character. What do we see? From left to right: a bald king presenting himself before his god. It was the custom in ancient times, with origins in the King presented the most complete humility naked and bald fearing his god. Then wearing only a towel and bald and gradually over the coming millennia hair and clothing covered with precious jewels and look up to her alter ego. The king raised his hand as a sign of devotion, to note his hair at his feet and the stick he holds in his left arm, which already has some resemblance to the attribute of his vis-à-vis. Totemic symbol of the god stands before him. Marduk, recognizable by its Dragon attribute on which he sits, dominates the scene despite its small size, it stands at the end of his scepter the sun and the crescent moon. His left hand raised towards the Pleiades appears to order. The character is certainly the most unexpected Enkidu, he is the star of Ishtar in the left hand and the monogram Philhelm in his right hand, walking on a carpeted structure, it seems to come from another universe that could be the forest from the animal world and that of humans.
Behind him stands the stylus of Nabu and above the winged sun. We still see some fish out of water to recall the origin of mankind according to the Mesopotamian (nothing new since many scientists continue to assert even today!). The cuneiform inscription in archaic means: "Adda the scribe”

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