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Artwork >> Abramovich Patricia >> psifas 7

Artwork >> Abramovich Patricia >> psifas 7

"psifas 7"
Abramovich Patricia
painting - 37 Inches x 24 Inches

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I want to eat it! I love this visual feast with it's double serving of depth and textures; the use of the knife really brings out the lightness of the flower petals. Love it.
(Rusty, 12 January 2010)
Patricia Abramovich is such a unique and innovative painter, using knives instead of paint brushes. I like her solid strokes and bright colors that define each and every one of her awe-inspiring works. Her wide spectrum of topics, from nature and landscapes, to abstract and still life, and her varying styles of abstract, expressionism, and original.../...
(John Deterring, 19 October 2009)

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