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Artwork >> Joe Johnson >> bonding leopard

Artwork >> Joe Johnson >> bonding leopard

"bonding leopard"
Joe Johnson
Mixed media - 24 Inches x 26 Inches

400 US$

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The Aztec
Hi, Joe. Just wanted to tell you how much I like your Aztec portrait. I like how realistic it looks, and in the way you've chosen the close-up angle given of his face, making an interesting impact while looking at his portrait. It reminds me of what a photographer would do as far as cropping his face. But, I've haven't seen it on oil and canvas bef.../...
(Mai Linh Lawrence Skropanic, 7 September 2009)

Artworks Styles : Dye - Figurative - Potrait
Artworks Topics : Ethnic - Linen - Persons - Potrait - Portraits