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Artwork >> Rosy- Line >> Canvas rainbow sky and gentle snowflakes

Artwork >> Rosy- Line >> Canvas rainbow sky and gentle snowflakes

"Canvas rainbow sky and gentle snowflakes"
Rosy- Line
watercolor.pencils of color. - 14 Inches x 19 Inches
Mimosa who stood guard at the entrance of the den, and called his sisters.
'Come see Come see!' Shouted Mimosa.
'A fairy has expanded in the snow.'
'If left lying in the snow, she will die of cold.' Apple worried.
'Come quickly to help her!' Insisted Violette.
Cherry rushed to open the canvas the colors of the rainbow sky. While Mimosa and Violet emerged out of the den to rescue the fairy Matiti. Mimosa took the fairy gently in his arms and Violet picked twigs to start a fire.

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Hello, have you sold anything on artscad site? i have paid but they wont talk to me!
(Tom Rep, 1 April 2020)
so sweet))
i like your paintings, so positive and nice <3
(Anastasia, 20 April 2016)
LOL, made me smile
Lol this piece totally made me smile. Thanks!
(Anna D., 18 October 2015)
Gorgeous! Those artworks pleasant and kind like a real fairy tale!

(Shane, 2 September 2014)