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Artwork >> Derek Mccrea >> yellow coneflowers echinacea cone flower

Artwork >> Derek Mccrea >> yellow coneflowers echinacea cone flower

"yellow coneflowers echinacea cone flower"
Derek Mccrea
print. painting. paintings. prints. poster. posters - 12 Inches x 16 Inches
yellow coneflower echinacea coneflowers cone tropical climate flowers floral still life modern realistic watercolor flower painting poster print. Watercolor painting flower botanical nature wildflowers small white flowers that grow in the USA limited edition signed and numbered rare low edition collectible poster print.

Print 30 US$

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I've just started doing watercolors on yupo and I wanted to pass on to you that I really admire your work.
(John Dumas, 17 November 2009)

 what kind of tree is this??   I just painted this watercolor painting and have no idea what it is..

 Derek McCrea - January 2008 Artists Newsletter   December 2007 was a pretty busy month as I completed a charity interior design project for Dianne Felton, a charity volunteer design project coordinator from Newport Beach, California. She was completing a project for a young girls room. After the completion of the room makeover her comments were:

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