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Artwork >> Kay L. Schlagel >> Fan

Artwork >> Kay L. Schlagel >> Fan

Kay L. Schlagel
digital painting - 11 Inches x 14 Inches
signed custom digital print on premium glossy paper. Price is for 11x14 but other sizes available...contact artist for more information. Each print is custom printed by artist so some slight irrregularities may occcur. Will refund purchase price if not completly satisfied.

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 If I Don’t Stand Up Who Will?   First person article from adult survivor of abuse. The painting is titled "on the outside looking in". I titled that because that is how I always felt as a child...on the outside looking in.

 Remember Me   A poem I wrote in dedication to my father in law when he passed away

 My husband, my love   I wanted to try and put into words how I felt about the love of my life and found it to be a much more difficult task than I had anticipated. Aren't the really great things in life that way?

Artworks Media : Abstract - Computer - Digital - Mixed - Oil - Oil On Canvas