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Artwork >> Derek Mccrea >> Butterflies and Flowers Final work

Artwork >> Derek Mccrea >> Butterflies and Flowers Final work

"Butterflies and Flowers Final work"
Derek Mccrea
watercolor - 22 Inches x 30 Inches
Painted this as a commission for a design company. Check out my site at ww.derekmccrea.50megs.com I love painting commissions for customers. Come on it is Christmas time, order custom made art for someone you love.

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your work
I've just started doing watercolors on yupo and I wanted to pass on to you that I really admire your work.
(John Dumas, 17 November 2009)

 what kind of tree is this??   I just painted this watercolor painting and have no idea what it is..

 Derek McCrea - January 2008 Artists Newsletter   December 2007 was a pretty busy month as I completed a charity interior design project for Dianne Felton, a charity volunteer design project coordinator from Newport Beach, California. She was completing a project for a young girls room. After the completion of the room makeover her comments were:

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