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Artwork >> Robin Zilberg >> Together Forever

Artwork >> Robin Zilberg >> Together Forever

"Together Forever"
Robin Zilberg
acrylic on canvas - 36 Inches x 24 Inches
shipping not included. Inspired by the mlove of my daughter

180 US$

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Ms. Zilberg's ouvre
Stunning and beautiful. The power of these works is communicated even in two dimensional form across the internet. That the gift has flowed from its source through the artist to the canvas or medium is a humbling reminder of from where all gifts come; the Blessed Ein Sof. The Creator. HaKodesh Borechu. The artist is as much a blessing as her work..../...
(Richard, 16 February 2009)
love this space will send out to everyone I know. So proud of you !!!! Rach
(rachel, 30 August 2007)

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